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Welcome to Elite Gila Hunts in Glenwood, New Mexico!

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James Mater, owner and operator
Wild Horse Road
PO Box 66, Glenwood, NM 88039
utrail@gilanet.com | 575-519-8569
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Utrail Elite Gila Hunts

The Magic of the Gila is . . .

  • Average bulls taken 350
  • Unbelievable vastness for supreme elk habitat
  • Majestic high country where elk herds thrive
  • Water with rich mineral content for awesome antler growth
  • Remote, wilderness camps for no-pressure hunting

Looking for a Safari-type Bull Elk hunting experience?
Look no further!

Gila Wilderness, Unit 16B the absolute best elk habit in the world.  A hunter experience like the throw back to African Safari type expeditions. A complete wilderness, horseback hunting adventure.  Accessible only by horseback, we pack-in and ride to our comfortable base camp. Each hunting day, we horseback to our favorite bull elk haunts.Virtually no hunting pressure to make this experience unique and memorable.   — James Mater


Please contact Kris Dennison

Once again, Thanks so much for a wonderful trip, that culminated with a wildly successful hunt. The individual pieces and the whole experience really was beyond my expectations! From the greeting I got at the gate with all the wagging tails and a huge welcoming grin from Missy, I knew I was at the right place and would be in good care. Thanks to Don for taking care of me beyond just being camp cook, to Daniel for making an extremely difficult task of managing all the animals and gear look deceptively easy, and to Juan for jumping into hunt mode as soon as possible and boosting me for my best performance which made the hunt enjoyable and rewarding, as well as a huge success. By scouting that first evening in camp, we were able to start hunting my Gila Monster at first light. Eleven hours later the hunt was over. I would have loved to spend the additional 4 days hunting the Gila Wilderness, but I can have no regrets of taking the bull of a lifetime on the first day. — Doug Ebeling