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Turkey Hunts

Merriam’s Turkey Hunting

Merriam’s turkey abound here in the Gila National Forest, and an excellent opportunity to add to your slam. Hunts April 15- May 10. Hunts include 3 days guided hunt, 1x1, lodging, meals, and transportation to and from hunting grounds. Guided each day into high opportunity areas for your best shot at success. Elite Gila Hunts have been guiding and hunting the Gila Wilderness and Gila National Forest for over 30 years. Our guides know the country well, where Merriam’s have been located. Our guides have perfected the techniques to hunt Merriam’s. We drive to high density turkey habitats and hike from the end of the road. Hunters should be in good physical condition to hike approx. 3-5 miles per day. Guides can call or hunters can call for themselves or join-in calling. 

Three Day Hunt $1500.00 per hunter 1X1, plus 8.69% sales tax.

Two turkey limit. Second turkey $500.00 

Youth Hunt 2x1 $1500.00 plus 8.69 sales tax

Merriam’s Turkeys  

Merriam’s Wild Turkeys are close in size to the Eastern Wild Turkey, but tend to weigh less than their related subspecies. Adult male turkeys, also known as a gobbler or tom, average 4 feet in height and weigh on average 18 - 24 pounds and have been known to weigh up to 25 - 28 pounds. Juvenile male turkeys, also known as jakes, will typically be a third of the size of a mature turkey, weighing an average of 15 - 20 pounds The Merriam’s Wild Turkey is characterized by near white tipped tail coverts (the smaller feathers that cover the larger feathers) and white tail feather tips. The breast feathers usually have white tips, while the body feathers are an iridescence of purple, blue and bronze. Female turkeys, also known as hens, can be the same height as males, but weigh about 8 – 14 pounds. These mountain dwelling turkeys live at higher elevation Ponderosa Pine forests and the Gila National Forest is an ideal natural habitat. Elevations range from 7000-8500’ Natural habitat, no food plots or feeders influence making them wild. No hybridization. An exceptional hunting experience.